Rumah Sunat Bali, the first Modern Circumcision / Circumcision special medical service in Bali. Affiliated Medical Services from the Klinik Lingkar Medika which serves special circumcision patients from infants, children to adults. The Rumah Sunat Bali has been around since 2019, and is growing in three cities in Bali, namely Denpasar, Badung and Jimbaran. Bali Circumcision House with procedures. Actions according to medical rules are carried out by our experienced team of doctors and nurses. Rumah Sunat Bali always prioritizes medical procedures that are safe, child-friendly and with modern methods that are always updated.

With the development of the era and public awareness of the importance of health, Circumcision / Circumcision / Circumcision is currently a medical procedure that is not only associated with a certain culture, but also preventive and curative health efforts for men from an early age. Rumah Circumcision Bali comes with medical standardization for Balinese people in general.

The methods we offer in our circumcision services are generally divided into 2, namely, conventional methods, and modern methods. The conventional method uses a minor surgical technique in the presence of sutures in the circumcision wound. For the modern method, it is a method that uses disposable medical devices (disposable) as a substitute for wound sutures that provide a neater scar, safety, and minimize post-circumcision home care efforts.

For our patients who come from outside the city, or are on vacation in Bali for circumcision, Rumah Sunat Bali has a network with several health facilities specifically for circumcision throughout Indonesia, so that it is not an obstacle for monitoring the healing of patients who are outside Bali after circumcision.

That is the warm welcome from us, and what we always remind all patients and the public that circumcision is "clean, healthy and good for you later".

We thank you, Matur Suksma,


Komang Ary Budhi

Medical Director of Klinik Lingkar Medika

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