Best Time to Circumcision

Best Time to Circumcision

Circumcision or known as Khitan / Sunat In Indonesia is usually performed on children age between 6 to 12 years old. Another medical journal said that best time to circumcision on the first day until six weeks after new born . circumcision procedure more complicated in older age, children, and men. Circumcision for babies usually using disposable device to covered gland penis and clipped the excess prepuce. Necrotizing skin after procedure will drop off after 4 until 7 days later.

Circumcision for baby, using numbing cream and small shot into skin to insert anaesthesia during procedure. No need for general anaesthesia to do circumcision in baby. During a circumcision, the foreskin is freed from the gland penis , then insert a tube to cover it. Next, prepuce will be placed in outer of the tube to make sure gland penis is safety and avoid any risk of injury in gland penis. Then, practitioner will marking foreskin and apply the clipper outer the tube. After clipper is on, excess foreskin will necrotizing, principally same like umbilical cord.

Recovery for baby circumcision will take 4 until 7 days after procedure. During healing time, patient will be treated like normal baby activity such as, using diapers, urinating normally and take a bath . no need any special treatment to caring wound such as replacing bandage everyday or anything else. Sometimes, apply Vaseline through the tube to moisturizing gland penis.

Rumah Sunat Bali, is Fisrt medical facility who provide modern circumcision / sunat / khitan in Bali. Using local anaesthesia, and safety procedure with one day service care. Rumah Sunat Bali Affiliate with lingkar Medika Clinic located in Jl. Taman Giri no 7, Benoa. To reach our place just need 5 minutes from nusa dua, Jimbaran, 10 minutes from ungasan , pecatu and also Ngurah Rai Airport.

For further information about circumcision, such as, methods, recovery time, promotion and health education , don’t hesitate to contact us via wa 087777114800 or make appointment to consultation with our medical staff.

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