Circumcision in Bali , Indonesia

Circumcision in Bali , Indonesia

Circumcision, more commonly known as Khitan or sunat in Bahasa Indonesia, Is a medical procedure refer to  minor surgery to reduce prepuce or foreskin on male genital (penis). Circumcision in purpose to prevent any risk of infection on foreskin should be better undergo in new born ages, under 6 weeks of new born. Boys under 6 years old have high risk to got any infection related in genital, due to gland of penis still totally covered by foreskin, which is make condition of gland penis is always humid, and wet. Refer to that condition, growth of bacterial will be easier to be chance of infection in future. By circumcised, gland penis will be exposed all the time without effort to retract and pullback the foreskin .


In Indonesia, more than 2 millions children had circumcised every year. Mostly in school age, followed by any traditional ceremony in Indonesian culture. For some tradition, circumcision will be special moment to entrance an adolescent era.


Rumah Sunat Bali, affiliate with Lingkar Medika Clinic Provide special service for circumcision in bali. Brings a modern method of circumcision for baby to adult age.  Now days , circumcision procedures has been improved from conventional surgical method with sutures to using a disposable circumcision device which no need any sutures on wound. Healing tissue from circumcision , will be more neat, in line and reduce surgical scar.


Rumah sunat bali, handled by certificated doctor and nurse for circumcision with any modern method. Modern method using local anaesthesia and disposable circumcision device such as, clamp method, surgical sealer and circumcision stapler.


We are located in Denpasar , Badung and Jimbaran. For more information about circumcision , don’t hesitate to contact us on our web and whatsapp number.

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