Adult Male Circumcision

Adult Male Circumcision

Circumcision for adult male should be necessary, for those who has complain about infection, irritation or narrowing on edge of prepuce / foreskin. All of those complain started by humid , wet condition  in the gland penis area which is still covered by excess prepuce all the time. When someone doing exercise , do a lot of activity, normally will sweating a lot in groin area. Without proper ventilation  from pants, increasing of humidity will elicit growth number of bacterial as a trigger of infection. Non safety sexual intercourse, may be harmful for any scratch on prepuce due to friction and bacterial entrance. Then, micro scratch on prepuce will be port de’ entry to any infection in that area. By the time, without any proper handled about this condition, small scratch will develop as surrounding crack in the edge of prepuce, foreskin or gland penis itself.


Oral medication and topical , such as antibiotic , antiinflammation should be administered to patient to reduce any complain about sore, itchy and fishy odour related to sign of local infection. But, recovery will develop a healing scar who decrease flexibility to open wide prepuce while penis erecting. Usually this condition will recurrent in future although by proper medicine treatment. Circumcision will be a solution to this problem, by reducing length of prepuce until gland penis exposed all the time. Problem about humid ,wet as culprit of bad environ condition on genital will be solved.


In Indonesia, number of case to those who need circumcision in adult ages is a barely lot. Conventional surgical method should be perform under local or general anaesthesia for adult patient. Rumah sunat bali , Lingkar Medika Clinic has a two optional method of circumcision for adult patient. First one is conventional surgical, and the modern technique using disposable stapler circumcision device. Both of them is an optional based on prior examination from our doctor.


Rumah sunat bali, provide adult male circumcision / sunat / khitan using a local anaesthesia, no need for admission to hospital and wound care treatment until totatl recovery in one package. For further information, please contact us via wa 087777114800 or visit our web

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